gzip_cnc 1.11 (2002-09-05)

this program is running in CGI mode - it has been
invoked via URL, i. e. not as an Apache handler,
and will now check its configuration.

this CGI script file has been installed at
the path name of your document root directory is

selected compression quality level for gzip: "9"

checking which compression tool will be used:
"zlib, via Perl module API"
(the Compress::Zlib package is installed and usable)  OKAY 

thus we don't need to check the setting for the gzip system command
"/usr/bin/gzip" which won't be used now

cache root directory:
[none specified] -> "/opt/users/www/ms9060web2/html/schroepl.net/htdocs/.gzip_cnc_cache",
using the default value as none has been selected by the user
(this directory does not exist! gzip_cnc will try to create it when needed
but doesn't know right now whether this will work)

gzip_cnc's own log file:
[none specified]
(gzip_cnc will not write any log messages)

HTTP error 404 handling:
[none specified]
(gzip_cnc will serve its own little error 404 document)

MIME type of documents to be served: "text/html"

sending additional HTTP headers: "yes"

expiration interval for served pages: "86400" seconds